Wishbone Broth

Wishbone Broth - 32 oz (Santa Barbara, CA)

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Wishbone Broth
32 oz
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"Wishbone Broth is made in small batches in Santa Barbara, CA by Isa Bourbon and Lena Philkill. We originally started off as a catering business that shape shifted into postpartum meal delivery service and then bloomed into bone broth. We realize we could help spread the wealth of health to the whole community by making a product that is highly nutritional, accessible, and delicious!

We use all organic local produce, grass fed beef and free range chicken. Bone broth is an ancient tradition practiced by people around the world. It takes 48 hours to make this magical elixir. It is our mission to educate and inspire people to take their health into their own hands. Wishbone Broth is like giving your body a hug from the inside out."